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Resultz Digital is a dynamic boutique digital marketing firm that works with businesses of all sizes to enhance your digital presence & grow your brand following.

Using a set of innovative strategies, RDC is a one-stop-shop specializing in all things paid and organic: Content Production, Social Media Management, Facebook/Social Media Ads, Paid and Organic Online Reputation Management, SEO/PPC, Copywriting and End to End Campaign Management

We believe in fostering meaningful relationships with your customers and communities that lead to the results you’re targeting: resonant brand voice, social media growth and conversion, and increased customer engagement.

Just ask satisfied clients including the National Senior Games Association (NSGA) and the Florida Department of Veteran Affairs.


Content vision and strategy

Paid and organic campaigns

SEO and targeted advertising

Social media growth and management

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Building meaningful relationships, driving real business growth.

Our Value Proposition

We operate as a boutique agency because we believe in personalization. No business is alike so no strategy should be one size fits all. Specializing in paid and organic end to end campaign management, we work to build a digital brand that speaks to your customers and communities. From social media and paid media strategy to Analytics/Reporting, you’re in good hands.

What gets us real Resultz?

It’s our attention to every creative detail. We collaboratively develop a vision and strategy for your web and social content, with an emphasis on quality. Everything about digital is fast-paced, so we work faster. Gen X, Gen Z, Gen-anything — we keep up with an ever-changing industry with innovative approaches.

Resultz you can’t get with a large agency.

Reliability and efficiency is at our core. Have you ever initiated a project with a firm only for calls and emails to go unanswered once the ink is dry? We value your time and prioritize your needs.

Just plug and play for Resultz.

With experience working B2B and B2C, as well as extensively on the agency side, we are familiar with a diversity of industries and audiences. Whether you’re coming to us as a large national corporation or small brick and mortar, we take the time to understand current and future trends, differentiating your value every step of the way.

Our Journey

Digital is our foundation for launch.

RDC specializes in developing dynamic strategies that incorporate the latest trends in technology to create engaging, next-level content. 

Resultz Digital was founded by Matthew Adams, an accomplished professional with more than 15 years of experience successfully leading digital marketing and social media efforts for global and local organizations. Adams has fine-tuned strategies for reaching and connecting with a targeted audience on key digital platforms.

After working extensively on both agency and client-side in a variety of industries, Adams took his passion, vision, and custom set of strategies developed over years of soaring ahead of digital trends for large and small businesses to launch Resultz Digital Consulting, Inc.


We produce Resultz.

RDC is a one-stop hub for your digital needs — spanning web, email, SMS and social media. My goals are your goals — to grow engagement, following and community.

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Web Services

  • Website audit — what’s working and what can be enhanced
  • Web voice and content
    SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click)
  • Google AdWords and
  • Google Campaigns
  • Targeted advertising (Geofenced Ads)
  • Graphic Design
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Direct Marketing

  • Email marketing
  • Text message marketing 
  • Targeted marketing (geofencing)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Copywriting
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Social Media Services

  • Social media audit — what’s working and what can be enhanced
  • End to end campaign management (paid and organic)
  • Develop the brand voice through engaging copy and content
  • Create a consistent schedule of creative content
  • Restore consistency in look and voice
  • Analytics and reporting to make data-informed decisions and tweaks as we evolve
  • Social media “governance” — we stay on top of ever-changing algorithms and policies so you don’t have to

Matthew Adams

President & Founder

Meet the face behind Resultz

After over a decade of educating his superiors on both the agency and client side, Matthew Adams took his passion, vision & future-proof digital marketing philosophy to form Resultz Digital Consulting, Inc.

RDC is a dynamic boutique Digital Marketing Consulting Firm that works with businesses of all sizes to enhance their overall digital presence & grow brand’s social media following through an innovative strategic approach. Resultz Digital is a “one-stop-shop” specializing in: Content Production, Social Media Management, Facebook/Social Media Ads, Paid Online Reputation Management, SEO/PPC, Copywriting, Campaign Configuration etc.

Resultz Digital is about fostering meaningful relationships with customer bases that lead to real results!

Matthew is from the burbs of Chicago but has lived all over the country including Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois. His passions are sports, family and is known for an occasional “Dad Joke.”

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